Carry Case Titan


Especially made for the NSD Spinner Titan: protect your NSD Spinner Titan with this convenient, zipper-closed hard shell carrying case.

To give your NSD Spinner Titan the most optimal form of protection against drops or other impacts we've developed an even harder and better protective case, next to the existing powerball bag. Custom made to fit the NSD Spinner Titan and Titan Pro.

The hard E.V.A. shell helps, in the event of a drop on the floor, to protect and prevent any damage to your already shock resistant NSD Spinner. Even though they can take a hit, figuratively speaking, they still can get damaged and that would be a pity.

The size of this Large Case allows to fit the NSD Spinner Titan with or without the digital speedometer attached to it. The smooth zipper makes sure that your NSD Spinner will be firmly contained.

The Case size L has a diameter of 8 cm on the inside at the widest point and tapers slightly. The height on the inside is approximately 6 cm.

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NSD Spinner Titan | Power Set 1


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