NSD Spinner Titan Pro


The Spinner that puts all powerballs to shame: the NSD Spinner Titan Pro is a real heavyweight. A great supportive aid for weightlifters or other fitness enthusiasts.

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Aren't you turning your hand for the effect of the usual NSD Spinner? Do you have hands comparable to coal shovels and do you spend more time in the gym than at a desk? Then the NSD Spinner Titan Pro might be a unique find for you.

With its diameter of 8 cm, it is much larger than the usual Spinners, and with its astonishing weight of 500 grams, it gives you a workout that you will not find anywhere else than in the gym. The reviews don't lie either: better blood flow after weightlifting and because of the different postures you can adopt while exercising it provides relief and strengthening almost all of your upper body. Watch our videos in the Knowledge Base for examples of these exercises.

The NSD Spinner Titan Pro is equipped with the same rotor with Autostart mechanism as found in the NSD Spinner Heavy Metal Pro or in the NSD Spinner 350hz Autostart Pro. The difference in weight is mainly in the housing, which in this case is made of anodised aluminum, which gives it extra protection against damage and wear.

Due to its size, it is unfortunately not suitable for most accessories on our site, with the exception of the powerball Bag, which it only just fits in. We definitely recommend its use to prevent dust and debris from collecting in the rotor. But its transparent storage case is the certainly the most beautiful way to display this monster, but of course it doesn't really allow you to take it with you. Of course the digital counter works perfectly with this ball and in this Pro version you will find it included.

The NSD Spinner Titan can be opened by unscrewing the two halves. This way you get to the replaceable parts such as the rotor rings. We don't expect it to be necessary, but it is good to know that you can maintain this ball.

More Information
ManufacturerNanoSeconD (NSD)
Diameter8.0 cm
LEDNot applicable
Rotor ColorChrome
Shell ColorAluminium
No combodeals found for this product.
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