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To offer a wider training program with the NSD Spinner we have this Spinner Stick. It's ideal for racket sports or other sports where the gripping force is important.

This unique Spinner Stick offers some more training options than the NSD Spinner alone. By shifting the center of gravity of your exercise, and by holding the grip and using this to boost the powerball, you engage a completely different muscle group than with just keeping the ball in your hand.

Anyone who relies on their grip, or even depends on it, will find relief from complaints while using the NSD Spinner with this Stick. We regularly hear positive stories from customers who are, for example, avid motorcyclists or mountain bikers. Squash players, or any other racquet sports enthusiast, golfers, the list is endless.

The Spinner Stick is, as the name implies, intended for the NSD Spinners on our site. However, not all Spinners are suitable for this stick: the NSD Spinnner Titan, the NSD Spinner 350hz Autostart, the NSD Spinner Dynamics and the NSD PowerCycle for example, are not suitable for combining with this Spinner Stick due to their different sizes. Also, don't just use any powerball with this Stick: without the shock-resistant interior, a powerball can vibrate violently during use, and that will not only damage your powerball, but also your tendons and muscles.

Using it is very easy: unscrew the handle from the ring, remove the silicone grip from the NSD Spinner, and attach the ring of the Spinner Stick around the NSD Spinner. Make sure that the rib on the inside of the ring falls into the groove of the NSD Spinner housing. Then screw the handle back on to the ring, and tighten it tight enough that the Spinnner cannot escape while training. Start the Spinner in the usual way, and make the same movement with the Spinner Stick as if you were on a motorbike opening and closing the throttle.

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NSD Spinner Regular - Blue | Stick Set


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