Varigrip Sport


The Varigrip Sport is suited for training your individual fingers of your hands, and thus developing tension strength but also helps you to develop better endurance.

The Varigrip Sport is Dynatomy's patented hand exerciser with the unique ability to steplessly adjust the intensity for individual fingers. This way you tailor the exercise exactly to your personal area of ​​attention.

Many musical instrument players have complaints about blood circulation in the fingers, stiffness, stamina or dexterity. The Dynatomy Varigrip Sport allows each user to set the effort up or down per finger using the dial.

The silicone holder of the Varigrip is ergonomically designed to fit well in the hands, but it is also removable, or can be turned and placed on the individual buttons so that an equal squeeze exercise can be achieved for all fingers.

Any professional who relies on their hands and fingers will agree that maintaining your limbs is crucial to continuing to pursue your hobby or profession. The Varigrip Sport is ideal for the maintenance of your hands and fingers, after all you have to be careful with it.

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