NSD Spinner Autostart


Introducing the new default for NSD Spinners: the NSD Spinner Autostart, simply startup with the built-in winding mechanism.

With our countless customer surveys we've had over time, each and every time the complicated starting procedure of the NSD Spinner came to us as feedback. Users lose their cords, or to make it worse it gets entangled inside the rotor case.

Those imperfections are now a thing of the past with the arrival of the Autostart mechanism. The NSD Spinner Autostart is the first Autostart model of NanoSeconD, and immediately it became the frontrunner in our portfolio due to its ease of use. If you don't believe us, please have a look at our customer reviews if you need some more convincing.

The startingmethod of this NSD Spinner Autostart is, compared to the other models not involving a cord, but by the use of a simple wind-up mechanism. There is an arrow on the rotor: wind up the rotor approximately three times around in the direction of the arrow. Keep the rotor still with 1 thumb, while pushing the rotor further with the other thumb. You will notice this winding up gets increasingly harder. When the rotor is wound up enough, keep the Spinner firmly in your hand, and let go of the rotor. It will start spinning in the opposite direction, and will immediately have enough speed to start your workout. A manual with illustrations is to be found on our site insided the manual section.

More Information
ManufacturerNanoSeconD (NSD)
Diameter7.5 cm
LEDNot applicable
Rotor ColorYellow
Shell ColorSmoke Black
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